A Step by Step Guide to Use Facebook Messenger Soundmojis

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Facebook has never stopped in their quest to make social media platforms more interactive. The newest release is Soundmojis for Facebook Messenger, which lets users express themselves with sound instead of just text and pictures.

Did you know that Facebook Messenger now has their own version of emoji’s? They are called Soundmojis and the collection includes different sounds for various occasions. You can send them to your friends in a chat, or even use one as an alarm clock! I personally love the soundmoji with kissing noises because it is great for when my girlfriend sends me kisses from afar 🙂

Soundmojis are the newest way to communicate on Facebook Messenger. You can use them as regular emoji’s, but instead of just a picture you get an actual sound! If someone sends you a “laughing” emoji for example, it will actually make your iPhone or Android device play laughter.

Soundmojis offer users another dimension in their messaging experience and have been introduced recently with no plans at this time to introduce features that work similarly on desktop clients like Gmail and Outlook.

Soundmoji is the perfect way to spice up your texts and make communicating with friends more interesting. Soundmoji library includes a variety of sounds, from famous quotes to popular sound bites that will keep you entertained for hours! For now users cannot create their own sound mojis but they can choose one in the wide selection available on this website.

Facebook is introducing a new way to chat with friends and family by incorporating soundmojis for the first time. The company has added multiple sounds, such as clapping, crickets, drumrolls or evil laughter alongside popular artists like Rebecca Black and TV shows

Are you looking to make your conversations more engaging by using soundmojis? If so, here are the simple steps: First download Soundmoji from iTunes or Google Play. Second open up and search for a moji of choice (some examples would be an alarm clock going off at 5am, people singing karaoke together). Third choose whether it should play once when opened or continuously looping during conversation. Fourth tap on send button in bottom right corner and get ready!

Or movies from Universal Pictures’ F9 ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine ‘and Netflix Shondaland’s Bridgeton. Users will be able to use these on Facebook Messenger in order to make conversations livelier. These are all available since January 31st 2019!

  • Open Facebook Messenger and click on the chat where you want to send a soundmoji.
  • Tap on the Smiley Face on the right bottom side of the chat bar to open the expressions menu.
  • In the expression menu, look for the loudspeaker icon and click on it.
  • You will be directed to a section where you can preview soundmoji again and again before sending it
  • Once you have decided which soundmoji to send, click on the ‘Send’ button below the previewed emoji

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