Call Of Duty Activision confirms the new look of the game

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With the ever-present need for entertainment, smartphone games remain a constant source of pleasure because they are available at every moment. Such is not always so simple, though, as many factors can get in the way on your journey to work and back or when you’re finally taking that much-needed vacation with family members and friends who have recently arrived from faraway places like China or France.

Yet this new studio set up by Activision will soon provide one more means of relief during those times where waiting has become tedious while home seems miles apart. The company’s second-quarter earnings call revealed details about their newest mobile game development, including contributions made by “Activision Shanghai Studios” and Beenox studios; both companies are well known within industry circles for producing some popular.

Activision is actively hiring those with experience in mobile, PC and console games to help create AAA experiences for the platform. The first project they are working on is a new Call of Duty game coming soon to phones everywhere.

Aiming towards creating more opportunities for gamers who play both on their phone as well as other consoles such as Xbox One or PlayStation 4, Activision has announced plans not only releasing a brand-new Call of Duty game but also looking into “link[ing] [mobile gaming] further” to the rest of its franchises. This means future titles like Destiny 2 may come out sooner than expected thanks to this partnership between platforms; it could mean smoother transitions from handheld device gameplay onto your TV screen while still being able to become immersed.

The Call of Duty Mobile series is a money-spinner for Activision, leading to some exciting developments. Rumours suggest that the next game will be free-to-play as well.

The Call of Duty series has been around for a long time with tremendous success. In November 2019, this tradition continued with the release of Call of Duty Mobile and Warzone as free-to-play additions on smartphones or consoles, respectively; well over 500 million downloads have resulted from it, according to the publisher. March 2020 saw another addition in that same line: more than 100 million gamers across PC’s and consoles joined up for even more fun.

Call of Duty Mobile was released as a free download just last week, but already our phones are buzzing nonstop because we’re playing all day every day without putting down our screens! What is that game? It’s something new called “Warzone”! The newest installation in Activision Blizzard’s popularity.

The Call of Duty franchise is coming to mobile phones. Activision has had a lot of success with the game since its release last year, as it’s on track to exceed $1 billion in consumer expenditure for the year. The press release states that they are eager “to expand into new areas and genres across platforms while continuing their unusual growth patterns.

2018 has been a great year for mobile gaming fans. The sheer number of new games, updates to old favourites, and incredible features on the horizon are astounding! One such game that’s sure to be an instant favourite with COD gamers everywhere is Modern Warfare Mobile 2 Black Ops Cold War released last week by Activision Blizzard Studios. This latest addition in their long-running series brings all the iconic weapons from both sides of this harrowing conflict – including some never before seen – as well as deadly traps like landmines & booby-traps not found anywhere else. Additionally, players can take part in four epic multiplayer modes featuring maps unseen outside.

The Call of Duty franchise is doing a phenomenal job at making money. Activision has no incentive to take a year off from the series because releasing new games every year keeps its fan base excited and engaged. But, sadly, each iteration in this series can’t last more than just about one game before it gets cancelled, which means there are plenty of titles we will never get our hands on as gamers.


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