Google Pixel 5a 5G key components leak, launch rumoured for August 17

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With the release of Google’s Pixel 5a, rumours have been flying without much substance in terms of specs. However, we now know that Android Police recently discovered a new component for this device: its motherboard! After examining multiple images and sources provided by trusted leakers on Twitter today (August 15), their conclusion was reached just moments ago – The next-generation phone will be available to purchase tomorrow at 12pm EST following an event taking place later tonight at 10PM PST with expected pricing between $600-$650 USD.

The back of the device features a curious square camera cut-out and two accompanying sensor holes. Alongside these is an LED flash, as well as what appears to be a trusty fingerprint scanner in its familiar spot near the bottom. The Google logo can also be seen subtly etched into one corner at this angle – it’s just that you would have needed some sort of augmented reality game or something similar for me to ever notice without being told beforehand.

Source:  AndroidPolice

The side profile of the phone reveals a new mint green power button and volume rocker, which are located on either side of it. We also get a look inside its guts though no shot at what is displayed. Based off past rumors we should see an almost-identical design to the Pixel 4a series with only one difference: A punch hole in the top left corner rather than having that centred right above where you would hold your finger or thumb (though this may not be true). The Snapdragon 765G chipset will help run this device smoothly even while multitasking – something every user needs.

Nearly all Pixel phones have had the same battery size, but this is changing with our newest phone. The new 5a 4G has a built-in 4,680 mAh battery that will make it last longer than any other device in its class. You can preorder yours starting on August 26 for only $450.


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