Google Pixel 5a rumoured to launch on August 26 for $450

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The upcoming Pixel 5a has been a long time coming, with Google having to refute allegations that the device was cancelled. Today some new rumours have surfaced about what these devices will actually be like and it sounds pretty amazing! The affordable smartphone is due for release on August 26th of this year and should run you $450.

The Pixel 5a will offer a huge screen, the latest Snapdragon processor and 6GB of RAM. The only problem is that wireless charging won’t be available on this device. You’ll also have to choose between one colours Mostly Black.

The Google Pixel 5a will be a huge upgrade in battery capacity over the 4A. It’s also going to have more screen real estate and water resistance than its predecessor, making it an even better option for those who need something that can last all day on one charge.

What makes this phone such a great buy is not only how long your battery lasts but by how much you’ll save when switching carriers – with five different options available (T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless, Sprint Corp., Verizon Communications Inc., U.S Cellular Corporation) there should never be any data coverage issues as well.

The Pixel 5a will launch in just two markets, which is around six less than the ones that will see the new and improved versions of Google’s top-selling flagship device. These two markets are Japan and America – countries with a high demand for mid-range phones priced cheaper than most other parts of the world.

Google’s 5th generation of Pixel smartphones, the “5a” in short, is expected to hit stores sometime this fall. It will be an online exclusive and available at physical Google Stores only.

We can’t wait for fall because we might finally have a chance at grabbing one of these phones. The specs are great but what really sets it apart from other models on the market today is its price-to-specs ratio and that makes us wonder why no one would buy it even if they could get their hands on it.


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