HarmonyOS 2 beta arrives for Huawei nova 5i and nova 4e

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Huawei is bringing its new HarmonyOS 2 to a couple of older phones in the Nova line. The nova 5i and 4e are two examples, which was announced just last week at CES 2019 after Huawei revealed it plans to bring its OS over 100 other devices back in December 2018. With more than 50 million users within China alone, there’s plenty of opportunity for expansion.

There are three ways to get into the HarmonyOS 2 beta and they all start with downloading the My Huawei app from Google Play or App Store. Once that’s done, head over to “My Account” > “Early Adopter Upgrade Program.” After logging in you can enroll for free by selecting public beta program on your device model – it should be at least a P20 Pro if not higher like Mate 20 X or even Q series.

Users who want an early taste of what is coming next from their favorite brand have 3 options available to them: Heading over to the My Huawei app and select Early adopter upgrade program then make sure you also enrol in Public Beta via Member Center (or Pollen Club).

For many, the update to Huawei’s HarmonyOS will be like getting a new phone. Updating is free for those who purchased their device in China but there are no plans yet on when or if it will reach other countries.

Huawei wants customers of its older devices to experience an upgrade from Android OS to HarmonyOS 2- which can now run up until 2016’s Mate 9 model without issue! This offer comes with some caveats; updates come at cost and only apply within China presently while they await confirmation that this program would work outside of Chinese borders as well.


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