iPhone 13 series to feature low earth orbit satellite communication connectivity

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Apple’s next iteration of iPhones could come with a space-age solution for mobile connectivity. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst and expert in the field, this year’s iPhone lineup will feature low earth orbit (LEO) satellite communication via custom Qualcomm X60 modems which can allow them to make calls or send texts even when outside cellular coverage areas.

To answer this question, I will summarize the information in a way that is creative and engaging. Kuo explains how network operators have to work with satellite communications providers like Globalstar when iPhones need an internet connection outside of cellular service. She also discusses Qualcomm’s upcoming X65 5G modem which will support signals from Globalstar’s n53 frequency band for iPhone devices communicating on these satellites at no additional costs or contracts needed by carriers.

Apple is said to have a whole in-house team working with satellite connectivity tech, and they are looking for opportunities to build up their stronghold in the market. Apple has released Starlink which will provide its customers with internet using satellites. This business isn’t new though; SpaceX’s StarLink is another LEO satellite powerhouse providing broadband Internet through space technology as well, so it seems likely that this would be something of interest to companies like Google or Amazon who already run huge data centers around Earth too along with having giant services used by millions daily–Apple might fit into one of those categories.



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