Repairing a broken screen on a Galaxy Z Fold3 or Z Flip3 is costly but cheaper than before

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The price of screen replacements for Samsung’s new foldable is cheaper, but they are still pretty expensive. Replacing the large inner screen on a Galaxy Z Fold3 will cost you $480 and fixing an outer display only costs $150! If that sounds bad enough to you, just wait until we tell you how much it would have set back your wallet if these were screens from last year’s model: replaceable “inner” displays used in both models typically run at over half the price than what they did before (a whopping 350 bucks!), while replacing one busted exterior panel now charges less as opposed to more ($550 this time around compared with its predecessor which ran 480).

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip line of phones are very durable, but the screens can be broken rather easily. Luckily for you if that happens, Samsung has a fix: replacing one screen is $370 and when both are busted it will cost an unbelievable $500 to replace them.

For your peace of mind should your phone break while on-the-go or just in everyday life (not even close to being dropped), this article quotes how much money repairing either type would take off from what was saved by buying their phone beforehand. For instance, purchasing the 5G with two broke screens could set someone back up to five hundred dollars total – more than they originally paid for the device itself.

The Fold’s original repair costs were even higher ($600/$140), so there is a trend for the parts to get cheaper. Still, you might want to consider Samsung Care+, which provides an extended warranty on your phone and offers free coverage of the first 12 months if pre-ordered before its 10/18 release date – but given how expensive it can be when things go wrong, we’d recommend extending that (you can extend up times 3 years).

Samsung is not just a company that makes electronics. They also provide their customers with the Samsung Care+ service which offers repair services for your device at an affordable rate and discounted screen replacement prices! The price of this monthly subscription starts as low as $13, but you can get more information from our regional website or by watching these videos on how difficult it would be to take apart one of their newer models like Z Fold3 or Z Flip 3.


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