Samsung Galaxy S22 to have a 50 MP RGBW sensor

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Samsung is gearing up to introduce its new 200 MP sensor into a Xiaomi Mi 12, with rumor’s suggesting that the Korean giant might also be planning on bringing out its 50MP ISOCELL camera module designed for smartphones. What this means in simple terms? Simply put: better quality images and video taken from your Galaxy S22 handset.

Samsung has been working on their latest 200-megapixel (200 MP) image sensor for quite some time now, reportedly targeting first release as an upgrade option within upcoming models of the popular Xiaomi mobile phone series; however leaks have pointed towards plans by Samsung Mobile Communications Co., LTD. – who are producing both hardware and software solutions following recent expansion efforts – to bring even more competition through introduction of a 50 MP. Both sensors are going to be introduced in September.

The RGBW colour system in the new chips is a step towards better and more accurate colours. This could be seen as an improvement, but it does have its drawbacks too: while this will make light reflect off of other surfaces such as snow or ice really well since these are predominately white surfaces; it also means that dark areas won’t look so great because there isn’t any red available to create shadowing effects.

The Standard RGB chip consists of sensors reading red, green, and blue light with just one white LED for pure whites on high-contrast scenes (in theory). However adding another sensor can help brighten up low contrast situations by using the yellow wavelength instead of all three primaries together which would lead to less accuracy.

The Huawei P8 was one of the first phones to introduce a 50 megapixel camera onto its back, so it is only natural that other flagship models are following suit. The 13 MP single lens on this phone didn’t have anywhere near the processing power as today’s modern flagships do, but now with 360 degree low-light capabilities and sharp photos at different angles without distortion or warping thanks to their new RGBW sensor array – we’re looking forward to seeing what they can produce for us.


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