Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, the new S Pen and the Galaxy Z Flip3

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Samsung is betting that foldable will be the next big thing in mobile, and this week, it unveiled its latest designs – the large, practical Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and a compact and hot-looking Galaxy Z Flip 3. Starting at $1,300 for these new models (still an expensive trend), are you on-board?

The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G features an improved set of screens. Instead of the squarish 7.6″ internal display having a lower resolution than its predecessor, it now has higher-resolution that is brighter and less prone to distracting interruptions from notifications or phone calls. The external 6.2″ screen also matches the former’s quality with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate for smoother transitions between both displays when transitioning back and forth on different apps like messaging programs or social media platforms.

Samsung has made the Z Fold3 a lot slimmer and lighter, so it is even more convenient to carry around in your pocket. It measures only 6.4 mm when opened (down from 6.9) and just 271g- making for an easy one-handed experience that still feels sleek on either side of your hand.

Samsung did a lot of work improving its newest phone design: The Samsung Galaxy Z fold three now features dual 12MP rear cameras and quad speakers tuned by AKG with Dolby Atmos support – all housed behind Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection on both sides for high durability under any conditions.

Samsung’s foldable phone is about to get a whole lot more rugged than any other mobile device on the market. The Samsung Galaxy Fold relies on “Armor Aluminum” for its frame, which should withstand all of life’s daily abuse – think keys in your pocket or accidental spills from coffee cups. But don’t worry; this doesn’t mean that you’ll be sacrificing style and functionality as many traditional rugged cases do.

The Z-Flex 3 has been recognized for IPX8 water resistance, making it just as durable against accidents at home or outdoors (dust-resistant, too!). This means fewer worries when dropping your sleek new smartphone into the pool with friends during BBQs.

You may not take the best selfies with your phone, but it can still do an excellent job for video calls. Samsung’s Galaxy S9 features three cameras: an internal selfie camera that is hidden behind the screen and only takes up space when you want to pose for a photo or make sure other people are in a frame; its 10MP primary camera which makes taking those beautiful shots easy-peasy as long as there isn’t too much movement going on (don’t worry though–the front cam does just fine at capturing fast action); and finally, it has another 4MP sensor located near one of the rear-facing lenses so if someone else wants their picture taken they don’t have to wait around while you switch.

The new Z Fold2 retains the triple 12MP setup on its back, which is a shame because we were hoping for significant battery life changes or camera quality. However, this device does sport an upgraded 4k UHD resolution screen that could make up for it.

The newest member of our flagship foldable phone line-up has arrived with no significant updates in either the cameras department or the battery area other than decreased power capacity from last year’s release; instead, you get a higher definition display and more storage space.

We’ll get to the S Pen in a bit, but since it is an optional purchase, we will start with this – will you buy a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G? The price hasn’t changed from last year, and you can have one of these for €1,800/£1,600(note: that’s about $2k).

The phone is powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset (the vanilla chip, not some muddled-up version). Like last year there’s 12GB of RAM and 256 or 512 GBs, respectively.

The Fold S Pen Edition is a sophisticated, pocket-sized stylus with new technology from Samsung. It has been designed for the busy executive. It includes two different models – one that features all of its functionality in the palm of your hand (Fold) and another that offers even greater precision when writing or drawing on screens up to 6 inches wide (Pro).

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro is the ultimate S Pen power user device. With Bluetooth and Air Actions, you can share your creations with other compatible devices and charge them wirelessly (but not without plugging in a USB-C port first).

When you open the Galaxy Z Fold3, it is too large to use single-handed, so why not use a stylus – even the passive Fold Edition version has a button that can trigger specific shortcuts that you can’t do with your finger. And sometimes people write in their native language, which doesn’t fit as neatly on a keyboard as English, so handwriting may be a more straightforward text input method for them than typing out long words and sentences letter by letter.

Samsung has been hard at work for the past few years, and it’s finally paying off. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G is a notch above its predecessor in nearly every aspect, from camera quality to internal storage space.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is an upgrade on all fronts: improved battery life (upgraded Qualcomm processor), dual front-facing cameras with 8MP sensors each, 2x optical zoom lens that boosts those shots up to 16mp+, external display of 1.9″ Super AMOLED panel capable of showing notifications or as viewfinder…everything you could need in one phone package.

The 1080p display on the Note 10+ is now 120Hz which means it will refresh at twice the average rate. This year, flagships are expected to have this much-needed feature, and Samsung took no chances not including an S Pen either.

The Samsung Z Flip3 is IPX8 rated, which means it can resist water up to 3 feet in depth. The device’s capacity has been increased from 32GB’s worth of storage, making room for more media files and applications on your phone without having to purchase a new one every time you run out of space! Additionally, this case features enhanced durability with its improved grip design – perfect for those who are always taking their smartphone everywhere they go or want an extra layer of protection between them and the ground when falling off staircases near pools.

The Z Flip3 is a massive update to the original, featuring improved durability and an exciting storage option.

In addition to improving on its predecessor’s Armor Aluminum chassis and Gorilla Glass Victus exterior panels, this model also comes with Snapdragon 888 chipset – for better processing power that will make multitasking more accessible than ever before! Plus, it still has 8GB of RAM and 128GB (the more affordable option) or 256 GB of internal memory for those who would like even more space. This phone does not come with a microSD card slot, though, so think carefully about your needs before making your purchase decision.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G starts at €1,050/£950 for the 128GB model. The Z Flip 5G (256 GB) started much higher, €1,350/£1×230. So given this cut and new features that are better than last year’s model, will you buy it?

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