Samsung reportedly launches internal review of its mobile division

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Samsung Electronics is undergoing management review of its various business units. These reviews were scheduled to end in July but has been extended and it’s unclear when they will be completed. The Elec learned Samsung’s mobile division’s management will be under review during the month of August, which means this part of their company may not have a clear direction for some time.

Samsung has launched a new wave of business reviews to make sure that its units are operating efficiently. The first round is expected to be completed by the end of Q2 and will involve Samsung’s Business Support Task Force (BSFT). Reviews are typically done every four or five years, but when higher-ups see cause for concern in one unit they’re quick with an evaluation.

Samsung’s newest flagship, the Galaxy S21 is not off to a great start. Sales have been disappointing for Samsung due in part to supply chain issues and declining sales of previous models such as the S4. The latest phone from Samsung has only sold 13 million units during H1 this year meaning that it should be performing better than its predecessors given current trends within the industry but instead things are looking rather bleak at their headquarters with shares plummeting ever since they released an underwhelming new product into a saturated market place.

MediaTek has been feeling the pressure lately, as its stocks have dropped by over 40% in a year. The company is also struggling with chip shortages thanks to Chinese clients pulling away from their contracts and Samsung demanding more orders than they can meet.

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MediaTek’s product line includes processors, wireless connectivity solutions like modems and others too named “solutions on board” nothing but parts which when assembled create great value networks (especially for 5G). With demand comes competition so it was no surprise when Xiaomi surpassed Apple globally last November at number 1 while

Samsung will be launching two new premium foldable next week. The segment may not make a significant dent towards boosting it back to the top global seller, but Samsung is certainly leading in this market – with 12.5% of 5G global smartphone market share as opposed to Apple’s 29.8%.


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