Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 will support both Bixby and the Google Assistant

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Samsung just announced their newest addition to the Galaxy Watch family. The upcoming Galaxy Watch4 and watch4 Classic will be the first Samsung watches running Google’s wrist-worn OS in a long time, which means that you can expect all of your favourite Google services like Gmail on board as well.

Google and Samsung are teaming up to give you more features than ever before. The Wear OS operating system will be customized with the Google Assistant, while Bixby is also on board for those that have a preference over voice assistants.

The input: And even though Samsung struck some kind of special deal with Google, which allowed it to customize Wear OS, the Assistant will be on board alongside Samsung’s own Bixby (which we saw in the leaked teaser videos).

A problem with Tizen watches is that when you long-press the bottom button, Bixby starts and it’s not always what people want. When someone activates Gear OS by pressing the crown for a few seconds instead of just one time like on most smart watches, they’re getting Samsung’s assistant which can be voice activated as well! This situation becomes confusing because if an app needs to use both assistants in order to work properly then there will need some sort of indicator showing who was called up first using this double press feature – otherwise whichever assistant your finger lands on last after all those clicks may end up doing more harm than good. Both input options are available for different types of devices: On Tizers watches, Bix.

The latest Wear OS phone app has a new reference to “” which could point towards the eventual release of third party assistants on Google’s wearable device platform, after Samsung got an exclusive deal for Bixby integration at launch last year and Amazon is said to be working closely with Fit bit in developing voice assistant capabilities for wearables devices like this one already have it now that they are selling their own smart watch again alongside its Fire Phone business imploding predictably due to being too much effort for not enough return going forward into 2016-2017 as Apple ventured out from just phones or tablets by launching Air Pods since music was also part of what had been popular before smartphones came along first ever well over two decades.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch4 has been leaked, and it’s looking very sleek. The watch comes in two sizes- 40 mm or 44mm – with a touchscreen display that is 1.2 inches for the smaller size and 2inches on the larger one (the latter of which will also come with 4GB storage space). It’s still unclear whether this device features an LTE chip inside but we expect to get more info about all its specs soon enough.


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