V21 Series Offers a Wholesome Selfie Experience with OIS, Autofocus and Much More

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With the increasing dependency on smartphones, people have embraced technology with time and given them a unique role to capture every moment of their lives. With evolving lifestyles, young consumers are increasingly adopting newer trends like #PhotoOfTheDay selfies or waking up looking flawless without makeup; all these trends hold a special place in the lives of new-age smartphone users.

As our society becomes more and more dependent on mobile technology, smartphone brands are constantly pushing the boundaries of what their devices can do. In a recent study by Strategy Analytics, it was revealed that these companies have shifted from simply trying to improve battery life and design in order to create innovative features like dual-cameras for enhanced photography capabilities. However before all you selfie lovers get too excited about this new trend; don’t forget about your front camera! It has also been shown that selfies play an integral part in how people perceive themselves because they act as tangible evidence of identity when not everyone shares similar experiences or lives under the same circumstances (such as disability).

Vivo, the company that has been at it for over 20 years, knows how important selfies are to millennials. To cater to their selfie needs and desires in a new way with V21 ™ series phones – game-changers themselves! The advanced front camera technology of these smartphones redefine what you can do when taking pictures on your phone by giving sharper images and clearer videos.

Vivo V21 series challenges the pain points of night photography and delivers an ultimate night selfie experience. Whether your problem is unclear shots, overexposed by flashlight or clicking under dim light​- vivo recognizes all these situations! It continues to evolve and innovate in order to provide consumers with the best possible camera experience.

The V21 series is the latest addition to vivo’s longstanding V-series smartphones, which includes a wide range of devices for different users. With this new line up, people are getting something fresh and exciting that will catch their eye with its flashy design and top features like the camera on back. The more you learn about these phones, the more they might become your next device!

Let’s first talk about the amazing features of V21:

  • Vivo V21 arrives with OIS, which is a major step in setting the standards for future smartphone mobile photography. Mobile cameras now can capture weak light because of an algorithm and hardware support that allows it to take clear pictures during darker moments.
  • Vivo V21 has the industry’s top-notch front camera. It features a 44MP OIS Night Selfie system that is specially designed to overcome three common challenges of night-time photography: unclear images with noise, overexposed photos from flashlights and an inability to take pictures in low light environments.
  • Vivo V21 boasts one of the most cutting edge, best quality cameras on any smartphone in its price range – specifically for night time selfies! The phone comes equipped with what they call “44 MP OIS Night Selfie,” which can reduce blurriness when taking pictures at dark settings without sacrificing colour reproduction (another huge issue among other devices). One major benefit of this innovative feature is that it makes it possible capture clearer shots
  • The front camera selfie system comes equipped with a hardware solution – OIS support. This is because when you shake your arm, it can cause the photo to become blurry and unstable. The only problem though is that if someone has too much strength in their hand then they can still make the phone have problems by shaking hard enough even without them being able to see what’s happening on screen!
  • When taking selfies or other photos from our phones’ cameras, we sometimes end up feeling frustrated due to blurriness of pictures caused by movement during an attempt at capturing some candid shots – especially since every time this happens there are no more chances for redoing these moments. Fortunately, many smartphones today come equipped with something called Optical Image Stabilization.

The OIS support in the front camera delivers outstanding night selfies in different scenarios with the help of the following:

  • It is an exceptional feature with the OIS support. In night scenes, this camera can significantly extend your exposure time without noise and make night-time selfies clearer and brighter.
  • The new Dual Selfie Spotlight balances the light source by innovatively adding two OLED spotlights under the front panel. These lights can be turned on when taking photos and videos, which helps to stimulate a professional photography studio’s fill-light so that you’re seen clearly even in complete darkness! The spotlight also doubles as our self-developed Aura Screen Light for use at night!
  • With this technology, V21 camera is able to capture true-to-life night portraits through carefully adjusting the exposure levels. This feature also intelligently fixes details of portrait features in dark environments by using AI algorithms for brightening and noise reduction.
  • The front camera comes with other multiple fun features to experiment with, such as OIS Ultra Stable Selfie video. It can be used in scenarios like extremely dark scenes where there is almost no light source at all – outdoors during the night without stars or inside a pitch-dark room.
  • The V21, with its slim frame and 7.29mm Ultra Slim AG Design is a sophisticated smartphone that will amp up your style quotient like never before! The new dual tone step design gives this phone an irresistible textured look while the elegant AG Glass ensures you can always use it comfortably in any setting.
  • The V21 rear camera is more powerful than the previous generation of phones. This 64MP OIS Night Camera has a MEMS that can compensate for shakes and an EIS algorithm, which greatly optimizes video recording during walking/running to avoid blurring. The result? Ultra-clear videos without any blurriness!
  • The new V21 camera by Samsung is redefining the photography experience so that you can capture every moment of your life with extraordinary detail. The Dual-view video recording supports simultaneous front and rear cameras to record all moments from different angles, while other features such as OIS enhance clarity in night-time shots. With OIS Super Night Mode, Ultra Stable Video mode, Double Exposure for complex shots like fireworks or water droplets on a windowpane (or even raindrops falling off leaves), and Super Wide Angle +Super Macro Cameras available when needed – it’s never been more fun taking pictures!
  • V21 has the potential to be a new benchmark for mobile gaming. With its E3 Super AMOLED Display, V21 is able to render games at up to 90 Hz without ghosting or latency issues. It also gives you an immersive viewing experience with HDR10+, ensuring that colours and brightness are true-to-life while retaining all details of your game screen so that nothing gets lost in translation.

Let’s talk about another stellar smartphone V21e in the V21 series:

The vivo V21e is a phone that comes with an impressive camera system. It’s the Front Camera, in particular, which can be used to take captivating videos and pictures of your everyday life through features like Dual view video for immersive experiences or Slo-mo selfie videography designed to show off how fun you are.

The alluring 64MP Night camera in V21e provides exceptional image quality, with the support of a set of secondary cameras to respectively handle macro photography, along with wide-angle and more complex shots. Combined with Super Night Mode, Stylish Night Filter, Ultra Stable Video as well as Face Detection Auto Focus (FDAF) technology providing beautiful bokeh effects for images like portraits made up from close-ups–the rear camera also delivers a quality photography experience that’s second only to your own eyesight.

The V21e is the newest addition to Samsung’s signature line of phones. It has a 7.38mm ultra Slim AG design and delivers powerful performance with SDM720G, so you can enjoy your phone without worrying about charging it now and again thanks to its 33W Flash Charge feature. With E3 AMOLED Display technology that meets the authoritative certification for HDR10 display standards, users will be able to experience their screen in all-natural colours that are sure not disappoint.

The vivo V21 series has reinvented what it means to be a selfie-obsessed millennial. The more stylish and sophisticated looking v21, offers features that keep you in tune with the times while not breaking your budget. If style isn’t as important for you but function is, then go for the less expensive model of this device – vivo V2e which caters specifically to those who are on a tighter budget or have different priorities when taking selfies such as age group difference between 21 & 28 year old users.


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